Balance has been restored to the force.

According to Yahoo’s Pete Thamel, coach Greg Schiano is finalizing a deal to become the head football coach at Rutgers.


This will be Schiano’s second stint as the Rutgers head coach. Schiano coached Rutgers from 2001-2011 with a 68-67 record, otherwise known as the “Golden Years” in Scarlet Knight history.

Since leaving Rutgers, Schiano was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two years, compiling 11 total wins, then went on to be a high profile assistant for the Patriots and Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer and Ohio State.

It actually took a swarming fan base (kind of like the fan swarm that kept him out of Tennessee) to get Rutgers to pull the trigger on Schiano after talks had stalled. Isn’t New Jersey great?

Schiano is looking for more money committed to the football program to hire better assistants and attract better recruits to try and pull Rutgers out of the Big Ten’s cellar. Since joining the Big Ten in 2014, Rutgers has seven wins in conference games. That’s seven wins total, not per year, but total.

Rutgers and their fanbase is hoping that Schiano can recapture the magic of 2006, when the team finished 11-2 and topped out at #7 in the AP Poll Rankings.

In honor of this news, lets finish off with a song:


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