Rutgers Basketball Plays a Postseason Game Today

Written by Noah Gagnon

9 PM tonight marks either the start of one of the greatest Cinderella stories this world’s ever seen, or one of the most disappointing sports seasons of my lifetime. The 2022 Rutgers mens basketball team has already made history for having the worst NET ranking in the history of the NCAA tournament, so why not make some noise while you’re at it? They play Notre Dame in the play-in game, and I really think they have a shot to make a run in the tournament. 

On paper, this team should never lose. They have like a 10 year veteran point guard in Geo Baker, the Big 10 DPOY Caleb McConnell, a white Rajon Rondo in Paul Mulcahy, an NFL tight end who can somehow drain 40% of his threes in Ron Harper Jr., and an eight foot tall dunking machine in Big Cliff. I know that might just sound like a bunch of names, but trust me, this team has talent. Certainly more talent than a Notre Dame team that’s gonna find themselves selling insurance or covering up scandals for the church the second they wrap up their basketball careers. 

The problem with this team is that they’re kind of a bunch of mental marshmallows. There will be days where they just collectively decide that they don’t wanna show up, and will play with the effort and intensity of a high school girls JV team. So, there’s definitely a chance that they fall down like 12-2 early and just decide to pack in their season right then and there. 

And while you might have to worry about a lack of intensity from the players, you certainly won’t have to worry about it from the coaches. In the last game this team played the strength coach got tossed for just absolutely berating the ref. This guy’s a nut. I can only assume he just does a double scoop of some black market pre workout, plops himself on the bench and prepares to savagely abuse the officials all evening.

Don’t forget about the head coach, Steve Pikiell either. If you’re gonna watch tonight, allow yourself a few moments to look at Pikiell during a big defensive possession. The guy literally gets into a defensive stance and rotates up and down the sideline like he’s the one that’s guarding the top of the key. And honestly, even at his age he could probably lock up some of the bums that Notre Dame is gonna roll out onto that court.

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