Written by Noah Gagnon

You know, this team played like complete shit for the first 6 games of the season, BUT WE ARE BACK BABY. We completely wiped the floor with Clemson tonight (gonna do that in football soon too), and we’re coming for the rest of the BIG 10 next. We were hitting 3’s, the RAC was rocking, and this team finally had some freaking energy.

Coach Pikiell has said this is the best team he’s ever coached, and we could finally see it today. Despite losing Myles Johnson and Jacob Young, there’s still a ton of talent on this team, and the freshmen are awesome. By the way, I shed tears every time I see young and Johnson suiting up for another team. It’s like watching your ex-girlfriend bang another guy.

Seriously, when we’re playing well, I really love every player on this team. Caleb McConnell looked like a young Kevin Durant out there tonight, Ron Harper Jr. is one of the best scorers in this conference, and Big Cliff cannot stop dunking on fools. I’d hate to be an opposing center when that 6’11 Greek God is posting up in the paint next to you.

Oh, and I saw Paul Mulcahy in the dining hall and he was eating a cheeseburger. Lunch of champions. But, why’s he eating the same shit food that I am? That’s probably why we lost to Lafayette.

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