Rutgers Basketball gets annihilated, Kofi Cockburn is an Animal

Written by Noah Gagnon

Well, what can you do. Sometimes, you’re simply the worse team out there, and sometimes its not very close. Thats what happened to Rutgers today. But like, cmon, did we really expect to beat Illinois twice? And Kofi Cockburn, that guys just an absolute beast. I feel like he could’ve yammed all over the Rutgers defense whenever he wanted to, and he pretty much did.

Ok, I know RU lost by over 20 points, but lets not act like the refs didn’t complete fuck our butts. Caleb McConell got a flagrant two for an accidental nut tap. A flagrant 2! In the real world you walk up to your buddy, tap him in the sack, laugh it off and keep life moving. In the big ten basketball world that same nut tap gets you two free throws, possession, and an ejection. Complete bullshit.

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