Just a day removed after his native country attacked and took hostage of most of Ukraine’s territory, one tennis player from Russia had a written message after his match in the Middle East.

In a video tweet below by Canadian sports outlet TSN, Andrey Rublev is going viral after writing a message on a TV camera saying ‘No War Please’ on it.

A very cool stance by Rublev after the world seen that his home country invade and attack another country in Ukraine. He’s basically pleading with Russia to not further escalate the violence in which could lead into a potential third world war.

Along with his plea, Rublev also written those words just after winning a doubles match last week with partner Denys Molchanov, who is also from Ukraine.

We could be seeing more athletes or public figures from Russia and other Eastern European countries doing these stances sometime in the future, but what Rublev did is a start. However, there is a bad feeling that the events on the invasion is going to get worse before it gets better.


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