Rumors of Chris Paul to the Knicks? Or is James Dolan trying to take attention away from the Spike Lee situation?

Written by schultzyca

It was reported yesterday by Frank Isola that the Knicks are trying to gather information on All-Star point guard Chris Paul so they could potentially make a deal to acquire him this offseason. Paul carries a heavy contract, and is 34 years old. This rumor initially made sense to me because of the ties that CP3 has with Knicks’ new President of Basketball Operations, Leon Rose.

The obvious concern for the Knicks is his age and the 43 million dollars he is owed next year. Chris Paul is carrying a ‘rebuilding’ OKC Thunder team into the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Personally I was very confused by this rumor because the Knicks are supposedly committed to playing the youth and handing the keys of the franchise over to RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. With any Knicks news you have to take it with a grain of salt because they are always linked to players that they never get. But then the Knicks played OKC tonight and as Chris Paul made his way to the Garden, Paul had this too say:

Chris addressed the trade rumor to the Knicks by saying that this is a way to take attention away from the Spike situation. This makes total sense for someone within the Knicks organization to leak this information out, right after the whole Spike debacle. The Knicks hosted the Jazz two nights ago and they drew the smallest home crowd and that obviously is in direct correlation with the disrespect of Spike, maybe the fans are trying to stand in solidarity with Lee.

If I was a gambling man (which I maybe *winking face*) I would say Chris Paul does not end up with the Knicks but only time will tell I guess. Also this is an interesting sound bite out of Paul implying the Knicks owner James Dolan needs to ‘do the right thing.’ What a sorry franchise.

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