Before everyone starts freaking out at me saying this isn’t true, this is a rumor that has been going around. Multiple websites have been reporting that Shailene Woodley reportedly called off her wedding with Aaron Rodgers! Some of these websites have been talking about the couples troubles over the last couple weeks.

Which somewhat seems weird that this is coming out right after the season. During the season it was drama regarding Rodgers stance on COVID, then on if he will retire or where he will end up.. Now it seems like Woodley might be getting annoyed of him.

The report talks about how Rodgers is too jealous and controlling. Now… here is the question. Did Rodgers play rough the last month due to this? I mean he’s still Aaron Rodgers and performing at a top level but….. that 10 points in the playoffs is a rough look. And then all of this?

I mean his relationship status doesn’t affect my life. But I know people are interested in Rodgers status. So once I noticed these rumors were going around, I figured I’d have to blog it.

ESPN Madison even tweeted… Will Rodgers marry Green Bay or Woodley?

Packers legend thinks Green Bay should TRADE him?


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