Rumor Killer: Is Dave Meltzer a Cancer? No, but He is an Idiot

It’s time to put to rest the recent allegation made by WWE Superstar King Corbin that self-described wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer is a cancer. In case you missed it, the 2019 King of the Ring winner recently took to social media about Meltzer:

“People need to realize he is a cancer to the entire wrestling industry not just wwe. He inspires hatred to anything and everything he doesn’t like or agree with. For example I may not like a band and that’s fine. But what separates us is I don’t have to continually bash them online or work to get others to hate them as well. I don’t have the time or energy to be that negative of a person.”

Eric Bischoff, no fan of “Dinosaur” Dave himself defended Meltzer, tweeting:

Whether “ATM” Eric is correct remains to be seen, but Meltzer’s most recent claim clearly resolved the question of whether the proprietor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is an idiot. Consider this claim by Meltzer (special thanks to Twitter user @Meltzersaidwhat for bringing this to the world’s attention:

Is Dave Meltzer delusional? It certainly appears so if he thinks Wall Street investors and analysts are reading WON for their WWE stock advice. Consider this report from Ringside News:

Sad as it may seem for Meltzer, he’s really out of the loop now when it comes to wrestling news. While he still writes a mean obituary and few writers can touch him when it comes to writing about roller derby, his site and newsletter seem to have a history of reporting news broke by other people online long before him (yet these same people never get an acknowledgment).


Then there’s the question of Dinosaur Dave’s listening comprehension skills. Recently, Vicki Guerrero noted on her podcast that the WWE banned her from having any WWE guests because she’d gone to AEW (Guerrero guest commentated on an episode of AEW Dark). So what did Meltzer write in the Observer? “Vickie Guerrero was banned from having any WWE guests on her podcast when WWE found out she went on the Jericho Cruise. ”

It could just be that Meltzer’s editing skills are still as bad as when Eric Bischoff discussed them in his memoir, Controversy Creates Cash. ATM Eric famously wrote:

For that you have to buy the “news letter “which he brags contains more than 35,000 words.” The problem is, those 35,000 words are grammatically incorrect, run-on sentences that read like a fifth-grader wrote them. And most of the news in his publication is second-third-and sometimes fourth-hand information that is so far off the mark it would be comical if it weren’t for the fact that so many people take it as fact. (197)

So what have we learned? It’s clear (at least to me) that while Dave Meltzer is not a cancer, he is an idiot and is probably delusional if he thinks WWE stock increased due to his poorly-produced newsletter.

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