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RUMOR: Is NBA Star Trae Young Already Cheating On His Fiancé

In some recents news over the weekend Atlanta Hawk PG Trae YOung shared with the world that him and his GF Shelby Miller are now engaged! Which typically isn’t a bad thing…. unless you’re already doing shady things.

Now, this is a massive rumor and we all know women lie for clout but THIS WOMAN HAS THE RECEIPTS PEOPLE

Go check the video out for yourself…. Very hard to dispute the facts we have presented here.

Her story corroborates well with what she’s saying here…. It’s a very well known fact that these players are willing able to do whatever they can for a crumb of ass. Almost sort of feel sad for the guy, he obviously is only marrying home girl due to the fact they’ve been in a long standing relationship but your boy just wants to slang that fucking pipe around like no one else’s business.

Obviously this is all MASSIVE speculation and I do hope it’s not true… sort of would make for a hilarious story but can’t be good for either of their mental health.

Morale of the story here, whatever lie you’ve got going stick to it and never fold.


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