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Rumor: If Detroit Loses To Washington They’ll Fire Matt Patricia #OnePride

Written by TrevStone

Late last night I received a text from someone who I’ve received many news tips from before regarding the Detroit Lions organization. Now, I hate being that person who say’s something like that and doesn’t include the source.

So if you don’t believe me, you don’t have too. You can click off.

But according to this source, if Detroit loses at home against Washington they’ll fire head coach Matt Patricia.

Detroit has lost seven games straight at home and if they make it eight Matt Patricia will have coached his last game in Detroit.

This is what my source texted me:

“Detroit has 8 games left to turn the season around and the game against Washington is a must win. If they lose today they’ll lose the fan base, half the players will be over the season, and everyone will be sick of another season of ‘The Patriot Way’ that isn’t working. Bob Quinn will have a decision to make after the game and if he doesn’t make it Sheila Hemp Ford will have to step in. They can’t say they’re demanding better and sit back and continue to let the Franchise down. Expect Patricia to be fired if Detroit loses.”

Personally… I hope they can get a WIN and somehow turn the season around. Although that’s a long shot. Moving on from Matt Patricia will be a MUST have a loss to Washington.

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