RUMOR: Drake To Announce New Oklahoma Head Coach At A Surprise Concert For Jumpman #OUDNA

Ok, this could be an actually crazy story. Many different OU chat rooms and reddit threads have been saying that Star Performer Drake will be making a surprise appearance to announce the new Head Coach for the University of Oklahoma Football program.

When first seeing this report I took at as merely a joke that some Wal-Mart OU fan threw onto the internet to get some clicks but now I’m not so sure that its a joke…..

It looks as though the rumors could be happening. OU inside linebacker Caleb Kelly knows something we don’t. He’s playing pretty about the whole thing, and maybe it’s because he has to.

If the OU program gets Dabo Sweeny and Venables I will officially be afraid of the Sooners. OU believe it or not is a Blue Chip program and obtaining one of the best in the game right now would SHOVE them over the edge to greatness.

Dabo has great recruiting nationwide and with the star power capability of OU this could be the hire of the century.

Will Drizzy be making an appearance to do this announcement? I’m not sure but boy howdy would it be fucking electric.

Also, fuck OU. Why can’t they just suck for one year and leave me be.

Johnny boy if you read this, fuck you and fuck ya motha.

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