Jeresey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz- Magro’s involvement in the media for negative publicity is absolutely nothing new. For the past couple years, he’s seemed to have his act together. But it was only a matter of time before he was put in handcuffs again. Ortiz can be famously remembered for the his triumphant celebration of knocking a guy out with one punch, which resulted in “One shot kid!” becoming his trademark phrase.

“He was arrested on April 22 at 11:50 a.m. for domestic violence, but due to victim confidentiality, I can’t go into detail,” said Officer Rosario Cervantes, a spokesperson for the LAPD. Cervantes said Ortiz-Magro has been released on bail.

Attorneys for Ortiz-Magro, Scott E. Leemon and Leonard Levine, issued the following statement on Thursday: “We have just learned of the new allegations against Ronnie and need some additional time to further investigate. As such, we will not be making any other statements at this time.” 

Ortiz has found himself in a host of legal troubles over the years. One can only hope he can clean up his act for good after the most recent allegation.


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