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Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar Returning to SmackDown Tonight?

Could the WWE Universe see the return of Roman Reigns and/or Brock Lesnar at the August 21 SmackDown? With the WWE starting a new era with the debut of the WWE Thunderdome at the Amway Center, there’s already speculation of some returns. According to WrestleVotes:

As fans know, Roman Reigns has been staying home due to concerns about being infected by the coronavirus and spreading it to his wife and young children. In the meantime, Reigns is likely shoveling in the cash thanks to his $500 a pop fee for appearances on Cameo. As for Brock Lesnar, he’s likely been counting his mountains of McMahon’s millions back in Canada, but when duty (and a hefty payday) calls, you can be sure “The Beast Incarnate” will hope on the LesnarJet and show up.

Does Brock have a money pool?

As Pro Sports Extra’s Jwatry eloquently pointed out, the WWE knows it’s been in a slump since moving to the Performance Center (in all fairness, the WWE has been in a major slump for some time, but the Coronapocalypse definitely didn’t help).

A major return like “The Big Dog” or “The Beast” would definitely be a good way to pop the crowd, but the WWE will need to follow up with a powerful program involving either Superstar to hold the fans’ attention. Expect the first episode of SmackDown in the Thunderdome to spike the ratings, but whether this continues is on the WWE.

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