Rolling Not So Loud

Written by EricLyonsTV

Tonight on Smackdown, the WWE put on two matches from the music festival Rolling Loud. In a packed Miami Gardens the crowd was absolutely dead during matches that featured the Street Profits and Bianca Belair. I understood the vision but I don’t think that they executed it. Vince is old and out of touch on certain things, this being one of them. Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio have been trending on Twitter for damn near a week why not send them down to Miami? Instead you send down superstars who aren’t that known outside of WWE with the exception of Belair but this is a crowd that may not even be able to identify her. This was WWE’s chance to become a staple in one of the biggest festivals in the country and they blew it. Tweets were very loud about how silent it was during each match. If they get invited next year which would surprise me, they have to send vets that are known, because if they don’t they’ll change the WWE segment to Rolling Quiet.

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