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Roger Goodell Was ‘Not Aware’ the NFL Banned Dave Portnoy from Games?

Written by Nate

Well, this was an interesting twist into the Barstool Sports and NFL/Roger Goddell beef story.

Via a tweet by Ari Meirov aka MySportsUpdate, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was questioned by US representative Jim Jordan on why the league banned Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy from games a few years ago.

Goodell responded by stating he was ‘not aware’ of the ban.

Here’s the full video of Jordan’s question towards the NFL commissioner:

It was resulted in response to Barstool’s protests after the 2014 season’s ‘Deflategate’ scandal that during the New England Patriots’s Super Bowl run. The protests includes the company making Roger Goodell clown shirts that went viral across the NFL.

Let’s say that Portnoy and his crew’s stunts were heard loud and clear.

Sounds like Goodell is trying to get himself the way out of that question by Rep. Jordan, because it is very likely that commissioner was aware of the ban. He just doesn’t want any controversy surrounding him.

This probably won’t end well for Goodell. Fans are already calling him out for his pathetic answer, even Portnoy himself is chiming in.

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