Photo credit: Barstool Sports

Deshaun Watson, new Cleveland Browns QB who has settled 20 of 24 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault during massage sessions, is rumored to be set to receive a 4-6 game suspension. Key word here is rumor, as no one really knows for certain since this whole situation is a total shit show with no end in sight.

The NFL’s disciplinary officer and former federal judge, Sue Robinson, has yet to make a final decision on the length of Watson’s suspension, but regardless, NFL Commissioner and king of clowns Roger Goodell holds the final say so.

The same Commissioner who approved a one year suspension for Falcons WR Calvin Ridley for… placing a couple parlays totaling $1500 while on Injured Reserve. A full season. Reason 18009484 why Roger Goodell is a complete clown and incompetent if this turns out to be true. Which wouldn’t be shocking at all.


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