This is sickening. I still can’t believe that last seasons Monday Night Football game between Detroit and Green Bay was decided by the referees. Everyone watched it. Clete Blakeman absolutely robbed Detroit. Former Green Bay Packers players even tweeted out that Detroit was robbed.

Well guess what… He’s back! This Sunday Clete Blakeman will put his Green and Yellow pants on and show up at Lambeau field to call flags on the Detroit Lions.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should be ashamed for even allowing this to happen again! Imagine if on Sunday the same thing happens from last season?! Why would they think that this is fine? What a damn joke.

I hate blaming referees for a loss. But Blakeman already robbed Detroit, so why allow him to do it again?

If it does happen again. I’ll be disgusted. I love watching football but the referees need to stay out of it. Hell, Goodell probably loves it.