Roger Goodell on Current State of NFL Officiating: ‘I Don’t Think it’s Ever Been Better’

Written by Nate

With just a few days away before Super Bowl 57 in Arizona, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was approached with a question about the current events surrounding the referees and overall officiating in games.

What happens next is probably the most tone deaf and dodging answer that Goodell could come up with regarding them and their union. He doesn’t believes the officiating is ‘ever been better.’

Here is his response via ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Ari Meirov.

Let’s say after those words that the Commissioner said, no one was buying them.

Just to say Goodell might be lying or wrong is an understatement. Especially with the way the officials have dictating crucial games for the past decade or more.

The more recent controversial calls came on the missed pass interference call for the Washington Commanders against the New York Giants, and a missed holding penalty towards Kansas City in this year’s AFC Championship Game.

Well, the commissioner better pray that he gets the doubters wrong with the big game coming up on Sunday. If not, be prepared for more protests towards him and the league in the offseason.

It will not gonna end well if that happens.

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