It is being made very clear that the NFL’s choice of who they want to win is the Chiefs. That is the narrative and we are seeing it first hand.

Roger Goodell cannot hide this from us this game is being rigged BIG TIME.

The Chiefs got two 3rd downs, got stopped both times and they were awarded with a penalty and a new set of downs. There is no human error being made. This is very much being rigged in favor of the NFLs golden boy Patrick Mahomes.

The NFL cannot stand if the might Mahomes falls four times in a row to the Bengals. Can you image if we executed officials in professional sports like they do in Mexico? There would be no NFL officials left because they will all be killed.

What an absolute ass kicking these refs are giving the Bengals. Goodell needs to be arrested, publicly shamed.

I will forever be a rider for saying that any professional referee, official, or umpire that fucks up to this magnitude needs to have a press conference and address their mistakes just like athletes do.

Some investigation needs to happen even if the Bengals are able to somehow pull this off. As always Roger is a clown.


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