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Rodrigo Blankenships New Wheels

Written by cody mccloud

Rodrigo Blankenship rolled into Indy with his new set of wheels and the Indianapolis Colts kicker was all smiles!

Blankenship rolled into Indy all smiles with his new set of wheels. He rolled into Lucas Oil Stadiuim on his new Heelys! Rodrigo is currently in a kicker competition with Jake Verity. Blankenship is no stranger to competition as he has had to win his starting job in competition the last 2 years. Verity has a huge leg and spent his entire rookie season behind future Hall of Fame kicker Justin Tucker.

Blankenship had to sit and watch MIchael Badgley kick for the Colts for most of the 2021 season. During warm-ups in a week 5 game against the Baltimore Ravens. Blankenship was warming up and botched wamr up kick left Rodrigo in some major hip pain. Blackenship went on to kick for 2 out of 4 FG, the longest kick of those coming in at 43 yards. Blankenship sees himself as the week one starter, but can Verity steal the job away?

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