Rockets Trade For Food Thrower Kevin Porter Jr.

Written by schultzyca

SHAMS BOMB according to Shams the Rockets and Cavs have a agreed to a deal where Kevin Porter Jr is being sent to the Houston. This comes days after Porter Jr had a temper tantrum where he threw food at a Cavs rookie because his locker was given anyway and ‘supposedly’ called the Cavs GM a “modern day slave owner.” Kevin Porter Jr is a highly talented young player who showed flashes last season of having a very high ceiling.

Porter Jr has a rough start to his gun NBA career with gun charges this past offseason resulting in an arrest among other troubles. Remember this is the same guy who when he was working out for the Celtics pre-draft when asked if this was his first pre-draft workout and some other rookies said yes the Celtics development team responded “Oh so you guys are pre-draft virgins” Porter decided it would be good to responded “I ain’t no f*cking virgin” shocking everyone in attendance.

Kevin needs structure and stability and maybe the Rockets who are in a rebuild can help him reach his potential because he is a very talented player and hopefully he can find a mentor because his chances are running limited now unfortunately. I wish Kevin the best because he is extremely exciting and a talented young player.

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