Robin Lopez: The Disney Fanatic

Written by DreadsPSE

 Robin Lopez was called into question for the “Buzzy” clothes scandal.

“Buzzy” a retired animated character that was part of the “Wonders of Life” attraction at Epcot that closed in 2007. In December 2018, authorities released an incident report stating that Buzzy’s clothes, including a red jacket, cap and “rubber molded hands,” were missing. Authorities suspected someone had sneaked into the off-limits area and had stolen the items, valued around $7,000, between Aug. 1 and Aug. 8.

What caught the attention of the investigators was the purchase on Ebay through a PayPal account for $29,451 linked to Robin Lopez!

So that caught my attention! My first thought;Why the fuck would he want some shit like that… i understand being a Disney Fanatic, but BUY A FUCKING PAINTING… those items just sound like knickknacks you find at your grandmas house, and really she only has it because your mom, when she was a kid broke some that sentimental thing from when SHE was a kid and now its just a memory that only she truly knows?!?
So i did some investigating! I found out that…

Lopez did have the items in his possession, per the Sentinel. Audio exchanges from April between Orange County sheriff’s investigators and Finley, some rich fuck a certified public accountant who met Lopez through Disney’s exclusive membership-only Club 33 which requires some MAJOR pull to even be a member of.
He is also a homeowner at the Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World Resortnull
Yeah, this thing is a beast! At $7.8 million, its a STEAL if you’re a millionaire like Robin Lopez. The amenities alone are well worth it for Disney Freaks! I know I’d be owning a house out there if i was stacked up like that SHIT! OMG what it’s like to just throw money around and just enjoy life and Disney! What a lucky fuck!

Robin Lopez is in the clear for any wrong doing, but finding out he LOVES Disney made me think, if he was a TRUE FAN, WHAT ARE HIS RANKINGS?

Robin Lopez REALLY does know his stuff. With that in mind, he will be at the NBA Experience on Halloween!

If i could spend the day at DISNEY with Robin Lopez would be a crazy site! Just running around getting on any ride at any time! Im sure the celebrity life brings it’s OWN Disney perks that even rich people couldn’t buy!

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