Robert Saleh To Interview With Jets Again

Written by Will

This isn’t good news if you are a Lions fan hoping Saleh is coming to Detroit. Saleh interviewed for the Lions last week. Since that interview, we have all heard conflicting reports on if the interview went well or not. Well, his interview with the Jets obviously went well, because he is getting another one.

As a guy who wants Saleh in Detroit, this is the opposite of what I want to hear. Saaleh has been the favorite to land the Lions coaching job for a while now but it appears the Jets are the new favorite to get Saleh. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo took it up a notch, saying “Jets or bust for him” when talking about the Jets.

The Jets interviewed Saleh over zoom last time, this time they are flying Saleh in for an in-person interview. You have to assume that means the Jets are damn near ready to offer Saleh. There a currently seven vacant head coaching jobs. Things are about to ramp up within the next week or so.

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