Robert Downey JR Says, “Fuck That Guy” When Talking About Chris Hemsworth #MCU

Written by austenlange

I always love hearing the little behind the scenes stuff from the MCU. However, this one may be my favorite.

Robert Downey JR who is a noted ROCKET must’ve felt a little insecure around Chris Hemsworth (Thor), because dude is just hot as fuck.

Robert Downey Jr. - D23
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RDJ more than likely insinuated this as a joke and was taken that way but deep down inside I bet ole boy was feeling threatened.

Like any other alpha RDJ tried to downplay the whole situation with jokes, but the burns will always sting.

Of course the two have remained great friends and hold each other in the highest regards. I really do wish Iron Man never ended, but we’ll see what the new generation of the MCU has in store for us.

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