RIP To Vans Co-Founder Paul Van Doren aka The Phil Knight Of Skateboarding

RIP to a legend. The Co-Founder of the popular skateboarding brand Vans passed away this past Thursday at the age of 90. He was regarded by many as the Phil Knight (Founder of Nike) of the skating community. Not only did Vans make fire skating shoes and accessories, but surfing as well. I probably have 10 pairs of Vans in my closet right now as well as pretty much any of my friends. I can’t skate for shit myself because I have the worst balance & coordination ever, but they’re fucking good looking shoes that can match with pretty much any outfit, whether it’s a suit for a formal function or just casual shorts before hammering some beers at the beach. Paul Van Doren was also a pretty awesome & wholesome dude:

Vans first went viral after Sean Penn wore them in the classic flick “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and after that it was straight to the moon from there. I’m sure there will be many tributes to Van Doren on National Go Skate Day next month (June 21).

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