Ring of Combat 77 Results: Javier Coronado vs Chris Kwiatkowski

Written by Noah Gagnon

In the opening fight of Ring of Combat 77, we say Pura Vida BJJ’s Javier Coronado (2-0) face off against Chris Kwiatowski (0-0) in the 135 pound division.

Round 1

The two men traded leg kicks early, with Coronado largely pushing the action forward. Kwiatkowski slipped after throwing a high head kick, and Coronado showed off some slick striking with a flying knee and spinning back kick attempt. Kwiatkowski pushed the action with a takedown, but Coronado quickly bounced back up to his feet. Kwiatkowski was able to land a hard elbow against the fence, but Coronado quickly disengaged. Back on the feet, Coronado continued to pressure Kwiatkowski but found himself eating a few check right hands upon entry. With ten seconds left in the round, Coronado shot in, and secured a double against the fence, but was unable to do substantial damage given the short time.

Round 2

The men began round two by again trading a pair of outside leg kicks, before Kwiatkowski got on the offensive landing a hard jab to the body, followed by an overhand right. Kwiatkowski found success going to the body, and continued to dig into the stomach of Coronado. Remaining on the offensive, Kwiatkowski found success with a front kick to the chest, as well as a hard right kick to the body. He landed a subsequent overhand right to the chin of Coronado seemingly cracking the 2-0 fighter. Coronado then shot in on a double-leg, and secured it rather quickly, and began working on taking the back of Kwiatkowski. He seemingly had an arm under the chin of Kwiatkowski, but Kwiatkowski was able to escape the position, and ultimately work back up to his feet before the round concluded.

Round 3

The third round opened with an immediate hard thigh kick on behalf of Coronado. A few seconds later, Kwiatkowski connected on a hard right hand that inspired Coronado to shoot in on a takedown that was ultimately unsuccessful. Shortly after the clinch broke, Coronado shot in on a second double leg, this time securing it and pinning Kwiatkowski up against the cage. After eating a few shots on the ground, Kwiatkowski worked the fight back up to his feet, but Coronado immediately shot in on another takedown, again landing it, and this time flattening out Kwiatkowski. Kwiatkowski was able to end up back on his feet in some sort of wild scramble, but Coronado immediately clinched again and began going to work on a third takedown of the round. This time, Kwiatkowski sprawled, landed a few shots, and this time pinned Coronado against the fence. Once separated, Coronado shot a more reckless takedown which almost resulted in his back being taken, and the fight ended with Kwiatkowski on top of Coronado landing ground and pound.


This fight went the distance, and the judges scored the contest in favor of Chris Kwiatkowski moving him to 1-0 on his pro career.

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