Ring of Combat 75 Results: Shawn Stefanelli vs Jonathan Alvarez

Written by Noah Gagnon

The third fight of the night went down in the featherweight division, and going into it, there was only one professional fight between both men, so it was really anyone’s fight. And for the record, Alvarez came out wearing black and gold UFC champion shorts. Bold move.

Both men traded blows in the opening minute of the round before Stefanelli eventually landed a takedown and took Alvarez’s back. Once he took the back, Stefanelli made quick work of Alvarez, locking in a rear-naked choke, and getting Alvarez to tap.

Stefanelli made it look easy tonight, locking in that choke virtually as soon as he took the back. He’ll move to 1-1 on his career, with a ton of momentum after that dominant victory.

For Alvarez, he’ll lose his debut, moving him to 0-1.

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