Ring of Combat 75 Results: Gabriella Gulfin vs Mary Kupp

Written by Noah Gagnon

The second bout of the night was another womens flyweight scrap between the 3-3 Gabriella Gulfin vs Mary Kupp (1-0).

Gulfin secured two takedowns early in the round, yet spent the majority of the time on top defending leg attacks from the very slick Mary Kupp. Gulfin finally earned a dominant position towards the final seconds of the round and began to land some absolute bombs. The referee even looked like he was considering stopping it, but luckily for Kupp, the round ended before he was able to do so.

As soon as the second round started Gulfin shot in on another takedown, and landed it within the first 20 seconds of the round. Gulfin was able to take Kupp’s back, flatten her out, and hammer her with ground and pound. The shots were to hard and heavy, and the referee stopped the fight with 2:11 left in the second round.

This was a completely dominant performance from Gulfin, moving her to 4-3 on her career. And after watching that, I’m honestly shocked that 3 girls were able to beat her.

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