In the main event of the evening, Ring of Combat superstar Dennis Buzukja looked to defend his featherweight title against Josh Rohler. The place was going absolutely nuts for Buzukja, as the kid brings a huge crowd with him every time he fights.

Both guys felt each other out early until Rohler parlayed a hard right hand into a deep armbar attempt that Dennis had to expend some real effort to work his way out of. Dennis eventually escaped, got the fight back to the feet, and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Dennis landed some big shots at the end of the first round, and it will be interesting to see if this was enough to give him the round on the judges scorecards.

Dennis gained some momentum early in the second round, landing a huge right hand, but Rohler recovered with some grappling of his own, clinching Dennis up against the fence. He ended up taking Dennis down, but Dennis popped back up after landing some elbows from his back. After this, Rohler was able to land another takedown, this time taking Dennis’ back for a brief moment. Dennis was able to shake him off, take the top position, and land some big ground and pound of his own before Rohler reversed position and ended up on top. Rohler ended the round pushing Dennis up against the fence. Going into the third round it was anyones fight.

Early in the third round, Rohler landed yet another takedown, once again up against the fence. Dennis was able to reverse position, this time pinning Rohler against the cage and landing a massive takedown, however as soon as he hit the mat, Rohler secured a kimura grip that hindered Buzukja’s offense. Once Dennis broke the grip, Rohler ended up on top, and even took Buzukja’s back. After some time with his back taken, Dennis finally reversed position, this time putting Rohler on his back. He ended the round on top, and it was yet another crazy back and forth round.

It seemed like every time someone gained momentum in this fight, the other guy took it right back. It was an incredibly close fight, but the judges ultimately scored it in favor of Dennis Buzukja. He’ll defend his title and move his record to 7-2. This kid is a superstar.


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