Ring of Combat 75 Results: Cristian Lopez vs Armando Gjeta

Written by Noah Gagnon

The card’s seventh bout took place at a 160 pound catchweight between Critian Lopez and Armando Gjeta. Gjeta was the clear crowd favorite, as chants of his name were roaring throughout the building.

In the first round Armando appeared to have hurt lopez, but arguably squandered the opportunity after shooting for a takedown. It was back and forth striking for the majority of the round, but both men had some serious speed and power.

They went back and forth again in the second, before Gjeta really began to capitalize on Lopez’s slowing pace. He landed a huge knee against the cage that briefly hurt lopez, but Lopez was able to recover and land a nice right hand of his own. Towards the end of the second, Gjeta found some real momentum throwing his jab, and the entire crowd was behind him. It looked like Gjeta had the momentum going into the third round, but it was certainly anyone’s fight.

Lopez landed a solid takedown in the opening seconds of the third, but Gjeta popped right back up, and went right back to throwing heavy kicks. After a back and forth grappling exchange in which both men landed brief takedowns, the fight went back to the feet where Gjeta proceeded to land some heavy shots. Lopez appeared to land a few strong lefts, but ultimately it was Gjeta who maintained the striking advantage, throughout the majority of the fight, especially as Lopez appeared to slow his pace towards the end of the fight.

After some close rounds, they sent the fight to the judges scorecards and the judges gave a 29-28 split decision win to Cristian Lopez. Personally, I thought Gjeta did enough to get it done, as did many of the fans here in Atlantic City, but that’s why you don’t put the fight in the judges hands.

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