Ring of Combat 75 Results: AT McCowin vs Manny Flores

Written by Noah Gagnon

The fifth fight of the night went down in the middleweight division, with AT McCowin taking on Serra/Longos Manny Flores. Physically, McCowin was the bigger man, so it will be interesting to see how Flores deals with his size

Early in the fight McCowin was the aggressor, throwing and landing some big shots, specifically targeting the body of Flores. McCown repeatedly backed Flores up against the fence and used the close space to land bombs. He finally connected on a MASSIVE right hook, knocking Flores out cold. This was by far the biggest shot landed of the night thus far, and was a highlight-reel finish by AT McCowin. If this was the UFC, he’d be heading home with a $50k performance bonus.

McCowin will now move to 3-2 on his career and is now riding some real momentum with a two-fight win streak, including this awesome knockout.

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