Ring of Combat 75 Results: Alex Brown vs David Meshkhoradze

The night’s fourth fight was in the welterweight division, as Alex Brown battled David Meshkhoradze.

In the opening minute of the round, Brown landed an absolute WWE style powerbomb, as he slammed Meshkhoradze into the cage. Despite the highlight, Meshkhoradze popped right back up and got the fight back to the feet. Once they separated, Brown slipped on a spinning back kick attempt, giving Meshkhoradze a takedown of his own, but Brown was able to stand up, only to get taken down again by Meshkhoradze. After some top control from Meshkhoradze, Brown stood up once again, and they ended the round trading blows.

After landing a few nice rights to start the second, Meshkhoradze clinched Brown against the cage, landing some massive knees to the thigh in the process before Brown finally broke the clinch. Then, Brown capitalized on a missed high kick from Meshkhoradze and shot in on a takedown of his own. Unfortunately for Brown, Meshkhoradze sprawled the takedown and earned himself back control before clinching Brown against the cage to end the round.

Meshkhoradze struck first in the third, dropping brown with a low calf kick. However, the next time Meshkhoradze threw that kick, Alex caught it and took Meshkhoradze down against the cage. He worked his way into side control and landed some quality ground and pound as he had Meshkhoradze pinned against the cage. He then slid into the mount position which allowed Meshkhoradze to stand up and put Brown up against the cage. After a last-minute leg lock attempt, the two ended the fight standing and sent it to the judge’s decision.

After three hard rounds, the judges scored a split decision in favor of Meshkhoradze, and he’ll move to 2-1 on his career. It was still a strong showing from Brown, but he’ll drop to 1-3 after this tough split decision loss.

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