Ring of Combat 74 Results: James Gonzalez vs Leeryan Douglas

In the co-main event, James Gonzalez defended his national featherweight championship belt against Leeryan Douglas via a unanimous decision.

The first round was very heavily contested, with both men landing their own strikes. Perhaps the most effective moves of the round came on behalf of Gonzalez’s leg kicks, but it remained anyone’s fight after round 1.

The second round looked pretty similar to the first, this time with a slightly higher output and landing from Douglas. He most likely won the round, but either fighter was yet to do any significant damage up to this point.

Gonzalez was able to gain some more control early in the third, landing a massive take down and taking Douglas’ back early in the round. This was bad news for Douglas as he was forced to thwart off a Gonzalez rear-naked choke for over two minutes. He impressively defended and survived, and forced the fight into the judges hands.

However, Douglas simply did not do enough to take the belt from James Gonzalez tonight, and Gonzales successfully defended his title. This improves his professional record to 8-4.

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