Ring of Combat 74 Results: Dylan Mantello vs John Ramirez (Title Fight)

In the night’s first title fight, John Ramirez claimed the belt over Dylan Mantello via unanimous decision. This was a razor-close fight.

Ramirez started the fight clinching Mantello against the cage, and then landed a takedown after connecting on a big right hand. Once the fight hit the floor, Ramirez immediately took Mantello’s back and was extremely close to finishing a choke. Mantello was able to briefly escape, but Ramierez ultimately got back to Dylan’s back, which is where he finished the round.

In the second, Ramirez pushed Mantello back up against the cage, but Dylan was able to escape, and eventually land a takedown of his own and briefly work into full mount. After landing the takedown, Mantello controlled the remainder of the round from the top position and softened Ramirez up with some ground and pound against the cage. In the final ten seconds, Mantello took the back of Ramirez and ended the round there.

It was a pretty obvious 1-1 going into the final round, and with the title on the line, this is a dream scenario for a fight fan. Early in the round, Mantello landed a takedown and worked his way onto Ramirez’s back again. However, Ramirez was able to reverse position and land a back-take of his own.

The third round control was enough to earn Ramirez the decision victory, and improve his record to 6-5.

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