In the final fight before the night’s three title fights, Cedric Gunnison beat Armando Gjeta by unanimous decision.

Both guys traded on the feet early in the round, with a slight edge to Cedric, who landed a takedown as well. However, the script on this round was flipped when Gjeta dropped Gunnison in the final 30 seconds of the round and landed some bombs to finish off the round. Gunnison was able to survive the onslaught until the end of the round, but some could argue he was saved by the bell.

However, by the start of the second, Gunnison was fully recovered from the damage done at the end of the first. They both landed some shots throughout the round, with a slight edge on the feet going to Gunnison, who also landed a takedown in the final minute of the round.

It was anyone’s fight going into the third round, and they both fought like it, swinging for the FENCES. Both guys landed some huge shots, but it was the volume and power of Gunnison that ultimately swung the round in his favor (in my opinion). He also cemented the round with a big takedown towards the end of the round.

With the win, Gunnison advances to 3-1 as a pro.


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