Riding On: PBR and Its Partners Giving Sports Fans a Respite

Sporting events across the world have been forced to hit the pause button, postpone events or cancel them outright due to the Coronavirus pandemic causing the government-mandated shutdown of any “mass gatherings.”

The pause and hiatus of PBR (Professional Bull Riders) and western sports, in general, is leaving many fans wondering what they can do to stay sane during a time of social distancing, self-quarantine and shelter-in-place orders.

That is where RidePass, the PBR digital network for western sports comes to the rescue, along with key PBR partners giving fans great content to help them get through trying times.

RIDE TV is the nation’s first 24-hour cable network dedicated to showcasing America’s equestrian sports and lifestyle.

It is home to the show “PBR Ride To Glory” that highlights the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour events and gives fans a scoop on the best rides and a glimpse inside the minds of the cowboys with hosts Colby Yates and Anthony Lucia along with Janie Johnson.

Season 1 is available on-demand on RIDE TV GO at www.RIDETV.com or you can download RIDE TV GO from your preferred App Store.

The second season premiered recently, highlighting the up-and-coming stars of the Velocity Tour.

RIDE TV also offers coverage of a wide spectrum of western sports to give fans a welcome escape from the doom and gloom of this never-ending depressing news cycle.

FloRodeo offers a wide range and spectrum of streaming of western sports. They are a key partner with PBR in offering RidePass Pro subscriptions.

The focus of FloRodeo is not as wide on the western lifestyle shows as RideTV is, and as the name shows is focused on Rodeo as a whole.

FloRodeo offers streaming of past events and coverage of events along with interviews of western sports athletes. It offers a great chance to catch up on past events and a way to stay current on all of the happenings in the western sports world.

And last but not least, of course, is RidePass, the PBR’s digital network for western sports available to fans as well.

While the other two services complement a subscription to the digital network, as a stand-alone option, RidePass carries, an abundance of live western sports, including hundreds of hours of PBR Unleash The Beast events, Velocity Tour events, and hundreds of hours of marquee rodeo and western sports events.

There’s even great shoulder programming like “The Short Go” highlighting young, up-and-coming bull riders in Chris Shivers Miniature Bull Riders (MBR) and the hilarious “Keepin’ It 90,” where self-proclaimed motivational coach Dale Brisby sets his sights on getting two-time World Champ J.B. Mauney in championship form.

So while, yes it is dark and gloomy outside and will be for some time, Western sports fans should not despair. There are options available to seek out as refuge and see great action, check out tomorrow’s stars and even have a laugh, allowing us, to even if just a few moments, forget the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more information about RideTV: http://www.RideTV.com

For more information about FloRodeo: http://www.FloRodeo.com

For more information about RidePass: http://www.RidePass.com

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