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Ricochet Leaving WWE Soon?

The one and only in WWE may not be in WWE much longer.

Back in September, there were rumblings that Ricochet may be exiting the company when 2021 began. His name was most popular when floated about which talent could be looking for a new beginning elsewhere. To put all the rumors to rest, Ricochet did issue a half hearted denial on Twitter, but it was the same thing we get from wrestlers any time there is a rumor or backstage BS stated. They issue some sort of funny debunking of the gossip, and everybody moves on the next day.

Except it usually ends up being true. It was just one year ago Edge swore up and down he wasn’t returning. Meanwhile, the guy was training in his own ring and meeting with WWE about future comeback plans. Of course, since it somehow leaked on the internet, he had to deny it all in order to save the surprise. Protect the business, keep the spoiler to a minimum. I mean I get it. However, it does get tiring. My easiest solution is always to just say nothing. Denying it or in my mind outright LYING about it does nobody any favors, especially after the fact when you are proven to be full of it.

Anyways, here is what Ricochet had to say about this all a few months ago:

Yeah, not an outright denial but enough to squash the rumors for the time being. Unfortunately for him, the rumors have resurfaced. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez mentioned his expiring contract coming due and the fact that he still hasn’t re-signed with the company. Looking at current story lines and him losing a lot, it sure seems to indicate he is wrapping up his WWE run. My opinion?

My opinion is I hope he stays, signs a new contract and turns it around. The one and only truly is the one and only. He is that good. We saw glimpses of that in NXT, and it would be a darn shame if he left the biggest wrestling company in the world before becoming a top flight mega-star in the main event scene. All the signs though…sadly…point to an exit very soon for Ricochet.

Stay tuned.

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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