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Rico Bosco Is Such A Little (BIG) Bitch

Written by TrevStone

I know that I’m already blocked by Barstool Sports Rico Bosco but today was just a reminder of how big of a bitch he is.

During the Dave Portnoy show he was brought on to talk to Billy Football, Dave Portnoy and Eddie but instead of having a conversation he started acting like a child, pouting, rolling his head back the entire time. Sometimes when I’m confronted I want to act the same way (probably do sometimes) but this was pretty ridiculous.

Rico continues to push buttons with everyone at Barstool, pushing people out but Billy isn’t having it this time. Rico was talking shit about him and Billy is fed up. Rico was talking about how Billy doesn’t work but Billy has the proof and on top of it? Everyone knows it. He does more in every category than anyone else. Rico couldn’t even show up to work, might be because another person who Rico hates (Jeff Nadu) is in the office right now for this Barstool Idol type show. [PS SHOUTOUT JEFF, HE NEEDS TO BE HIRED FULL TIME]

This blog doesn’t have much more to go. Just wanted this to be a reminder that it always is and always will be fuck Rico Bosco.

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