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Rico Bosco Gets Suspended from Barstool Sports for Fighting; Allegedly Threw a High Noon Can at Big T | @Return_Of_RB @barstoolsports

Written by Nate

Earlier this morning, Barstool Sports HQ had a big skirmish going on between employees Rico Bosco and ‘World Champion Big T’ Connor Knapp.

As you can see in the clips below, Big T complained that Rico allegedly threw a full High Noon can right at him while he was at his desk—leaving a couple noticeable dents on it.

Then drama escalated quickly as Rico spazzed out, lunged out of his seat, and said to Big T that the next can in his hand is ‘going right to your fucking face!’

With everything of the incident caught on tape and Big Cat trying to calm him down, it was too late for Rico as the ‘El Presidente’ promptly suspended him for one month. As part of his suspension, Portnoy said that Rico must apologize to Big T, have anger management therapy, and zero tolerance policy moving forward in the office.

Barstool fans know that Rico is unliked amongst the community, but with that little incident, it is bit deserved to be suspended based on how it all went down.

Hopefully Rico comes back as a new man, but we bet he’ll be on a very short leash during his time over at Barstool Sports for now.

NOTE: we’re still waiting on footage on the first throw from Barstool itself. Once we find it, we will add it into this post.

UPDATE: we now have the actual image from the first throw of the High Noon can from Rico towards Big T.

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