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Rico Bosco: Barstool Sports Worst Ever Hire? @return_of_rb @stoolpresidente

Written by Chris Powers

For quite some time I heard people constantly complaining about this guy named Rico Bosco at Barstool Sports that was just atrocious in every way you could imagine. He came across as very universally hated, but I try not to pass judgment on people. I figured, let me give this guy a chance. Wow, was I ever wrong for giving someone a chance.

Over the years I admit, the guy is a crybaby bitch and can be incredibly annoying. But still, there are many annoying personalities at Barstool like Marty Mush and previously Michael Rappaport. I figured he still has a place within the company and he generates interest from Stoolies worldwide. Maybe he brings some value to the table.

But then this happens. Threats of violence in the workplace? Uncalled for and termination worthy.

Dave Portnoy is too nice of a boss. The time has come for him to move on from Rico and terminate him.

Hey Rico, go join forces with Rappaport, you crybaby bitch.

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