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Rico Bosco Attacks Jeff Nadu! – @JeffNadu @Return_Of_RB @barstoolsports #RnR16

Well well well.

Barstool Sports’s Rough N Rowdy 16 is off to a terrific start, both inside the ring and out.

However, things gotten heated back in the locker room areas as bitter enemies Rico Bosco and Jeff Nadu went at it during Nadu’s live interview. As you can see in the clip below, Rico stepped in from behind Nadu and eventually marched towards and attacked Nadu.

For those who don’t know, Rico and Jeff have had a pretty big rivalry that started long before they were together at Barstool Sports.

Vendetta Sports Media stated in a couple of their posts that Bosco forced Nadu out of Barstool several months ago due to several issues between the two. Nadu was eventually welcomed back to the company after Rico refused to show up for his Picks Central spot back in August.

Just by that act that he pulled on Jeff, Barstool fans are beginning to wish that Nadu would’ve fought Rico instead of Jersey Jerry.

Nadu is the fan favorite as he faces Jerry at Rough N Rowdy 16 tonight. If Jeff does win his match, Dave Portnoy will give Nadu a lifetime contract with Barstool Sports.


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