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Rico Bosco Appears to Have Quit Barstool Sports? Jeff Nadu In? | @Return_Of_RB @BarstoolBigCat @stoolpresidente @JeffNadu

Written by Nate

Rico Bosco’s time at Barstool Sports seems to be coming to an end. I feel like we’ve heard this before but in recent tweets from ‘Big Cat’ Dan Katz and ‘El Presidente’ Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, it is a big speculation that Rico has quit Barstool altogether.

Bo$co has been known for being a host on a couple podcasts within the company, such as Barstool Pick ‘em and The Stool Bench Mob. He’s also known for being a guest on Barstool’s Picks Central.

It should not be a huge surprise for Barstool and it’s fans that it was coming though. Such move that occurred before him quitting include Rico being given an ‘ultimatum’ by Portnoy in late July that if it’s not at Barstool to Picks Central than Jeff Nadu (aka The Big Man on Campus) would take his spot.

He’s also been known to be a nuisance there as he had a tendency to squeeze employees out of the office such as Nadu and Blackjack Fletcher, who have worked at Barstool briefly. It’s also well known that Rico blocks everyone on social media that he disagrees with.

Who knows if this is true. But if it is it’ll make room for the one and only Jeff Nadu:

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