It appears that one of the best couples in the Barstool Sports office has officially broken up.

Via their own personal accounts on Twitter, Ria Ciuffo, host of the ‘Chicks in the Office’ podcast, and Pardon My Take producer Henry ‘Hank’ Lockwood both tweeted out that they have split and have gone their own ways.

“Shitty day. Breakups are never easy but I do appreciate all the support from the community even more on days like today,” Lockwood said.

“We still love and respect each other very much but we knew we had to tell everyone one way or the other,” Ria tweeted.

It is sad to see them separated especially since they’re on the Barstool brand, but their tweets they’re still friends and on good terms.

Each of their explanations on why they broke up can be heard in their podcasts’ links above.


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