@RFootball Don’t Be Scared to Be Legends Tomorrow

Written by Noah Gagnon

Ok, so last week didn’t go as planned. There was definitely some chickenshit football being played, as we completely abandoned the run down the stretch, leading to two Vedral picks, and the defense appeared to forget that tackling was a thing in football. Despite Illinois’ kicker being a Rutgers -7 backer, we still managed to piss away a game to a team that was supposedly the worst team in the B1G 10. With that being said, I see no reason why we can’t beat Michigan tomorrow.


Rutgers football against teams from Michigan in 2020: 1-0


Rutgers beat Michigan State Michigan State beat Michigan. And if you know anything about college football, you know that the transitive property ALWAYS works. (lol jk but like it probably will this time right?)

But honestly, I see no reason why we cant win this game. Michigan stinks! Losing to Illinois was a real wake up call for this team, and I expect them to come out firing against a Michigan program that still holds a fair amount of clout in the CFB landscape. And, could you imagine if Harbaugh got the axe after a loss to Rutgers?! Are you kidding me?? That would be the work of legends, and its our chance to step on the throat of the Harbaugh era in Ann-Arbor.

So fuck it, fellas. Just go out there and send it. Be legends tomorrow, put the testicles on the table, and put RU on the map by completely clowning this lifeless Michigan team. Starting tomorrow, the Wolverines are out and the Scarlet Knights are in … CHOP.

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