Rex Ryan Hates Robert Saleh

Written by Noah Gagnon

We’ve got beef in New York. Former Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked about current Jets head coach Robert Saleh, and it’s safe to say that Rex is pretty anti-Robert. Listen to what Sexy Rexy had to say.

I love the aggression here, and I’m team Rex all the way. How can you not be? Anytime a fat, old, fired head coach who may or may not enjoy sucking his wife’s toes is involved with a young, hot, attractive, scrumptious, hot, and not yet fired head coach, you pull for the fat guy. Especially if it’s Rex Ryan. The guy managed to take the Jets to two AFC championships, that’s basically the equivalent of Le’Veon Bell winning a grammy for his rap albums.

Say these two meet up in Harlem one day, what’s going down? I feel like Rex would be 100% down for physical confrontation. And honestly, I think he’d probably body slam Saleh into a new Millenium. Screw Jake Paul boxing people, I wanna see Rex and Saleh get in the ring. The loser is officially a shitty head coach, and the winner is… a shitty head coach who subsequently won a boxing match against another shitty head coach.

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