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RetroMania Wrestling Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2020, Brings WrestleFest Style Action To the Platform

Written by Robert Workman

Who misses WWF Wrestlefest? That classic Technos arcade game brings back lots of memories, and it’s been ages since we’ve seen a game like it on the market. But believe it or not, Retrosoft Studios is about to make that dream a reality for Nintendo Switch owners.

The developer announced today that it would bring RetroMania Wrestling to Nintendo’s platform in Q1 2020. It’ll bring retro-style wrestling to the system, with a number of superstars, as pictured above. You can get a glimpse of what gameplay it has to offer in the video below.

Here’s a general overview of what the game will have to offer:

RetroMania Wrestling is the spiritual successor to the classic arcade game Wrestlefest that was released in 1991 by Technos of Japan.

RetroMania Wrestling will be a “pick up and play” arcade wrestling game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play.

  • 12 – 16 Unique, distinct playable wrestlers at launch (adding more post launch via DLC)
  • 2-8 player local multiplayer (Online TBD)
  • Several match types, including One-on-One matches, Tag Team matches, and the Battle Royal
  • Ring entrances with entrance music
  • Multiple entrance attires for each wrestler
  • Strategic gameplay that is easy to pick up and play
  • Beautiful 2D pixel art animated sprites with over 700 frames of animation and animated backgrounds
  • Crowd chants that react to the action on screen
  • More features still to be added!

The game should be a big hit for fans. We’re definitely looking forward to it.

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