Retribution has finally revealed themselves! After two months of speculation and a lot of questions, we finally have some answers…

Who are they?

Like always, we had a bunch of faceless/anonymous Retribution members at ringside. However, the main five stars can officially be named. While many had their body types and features figured out, it still felt like a REAL reveal tonight. First up is the obvious, Dominik Dijakovic as the leader. I am only calling him the leader based on what we have seen so far. He talks the most and is the central figure. He was the most heavily rumored, as his WWE NXT write off was more than obvious at the hands of Karrion Kross. We’ve just been waiting for WWE to make it official.

Second is Mia Yim. She had her little NXT farewell about a month ago. It was a little underwhelming, but that is par the course for her. Not meant to be an insult – it’s just the ‘powers to be’ never got 100% behind her as an act. As a character. As an in-ring competitor. If she does have the backing now with Retribution, look out! A well deserved call up if you ask me. Makes even more sense with Keith Lee also on the red brand.

The other female is Mercedes Martinez. She was not technically written off NXT television. However, it was basically that. She lost in clean, dominating fashion inside a steel cage to Rhea Ripley two weeks ago and was given a restraining order from her former manager, Robert Stone. Felt like she was moving on after that story line. Sure enough, there she is. Not many deserve this chance more than her. A seasoned veteran and somebody who knows all about causing chaos. I like this move.

Next up is Dio Maddin. Remember him? Big tall dude who did commentary for awhile on RAW. I know it was in November 2019, but he had the memorable showdown with Brock Lesnar. Then disappeared. Likely just getting in some more training and making sure he is prepared for the call up. Inside the wrestling ring this time, not sitting behind a desk. I think his potential speaks for itself.

Last up is the only wrestler in the group that is still pretty much covered up. Not official by any means, but the name that is brought up a lot is Shane Thorne. Another veteran from NXT and another guy who actually had a taste of Raw a few months ago. Remember when MVP was scouting his tag team with Brendan Vink? Remember that? Either way, it seems somebody has had their eye on him since earlier in 2020. Now he is getting that chance…assuming it is him under the Jason inspired mask.

Those are the main five. Three VERY deserving wrestlers and two with untapped potential and fit the group. Who are all the other goons? No idea.

How was the reveal?

Kinda shocking and out of nowhere. Funny considering we have been waiting for the masks to come off. Boom, Raw started off in dramatic fashion with the main five all right there, speaking to us on a microphone. While still covered up a bit, you could clearly see who they were. No big mask removal. No big hype for a segment. No payoff to the mystery after tons of build. Just the show starting, and there we go! I’d have built it up more personally and hyped up a big reveal. However, I do agree that it was time for some kind of movement in this entire deal…

Why are they here?

Well, it seems to be a lot of cliches at this point. About being a WWE Superstar and all the good and bad that comes with it. Usual babble from a heel stable looking to take over and make an impact. What we learned on RAW though was that they are officially signed on as Raw Superstars! Quite the twist in all of this. For the past couple of weeks, we just assumed they were anonymous wrestlers attacking everybody in sight. Well, so much for that. Now they are signed. The group doesn’t have to worry about breaking in anymore or ditching security. They can show up whenever they want and wrestle whenever they want. Although, it is more like FIGHTING whenever they want!

What’s up with The Hurt Business?

No idea. Last I checked, The Hurt Business were the big, bad heel group on RAW. Heck, even during tonight’s show, guess what? They were the heels, beating up Apollo Crews and talking trash to Ricochet.Yet, whenever The Hurt Business is mixed up with Retribution, it is an all out war. I don’t know what’s going on, but I dig it. Not all faces need to get along, just like all heels don’t need to get along. I am all for some in-fighting and intriguing matchups.

Retribution had a match?

Yes, indeed. After the big opening to RAW, it was quickly announced that Retribution was battle The Hurt Business later on! Wow. That is a fairly monumental clash of the two super groups. Why so soon? That could be on pay-per-view. That could be inside the cell in a little over a month. That could be a Survivor Series style match. Yet, it was quickly made for RAW with less than three hours of time to promote. Not what I would have done. I do understand wanting to stack the show and strike while the iron is hot. Slapjack (Thorne), T-Bar (Dominik) and Mace (Dio) were three names I heard during their six man main event versus The Hurt Business. Completely over the top names and ridiculous but actually goes hand in hand with the group – over the top and ridiculous. The actual main event eventually broke down into a wild brawl with the full Raw roster! The battle lines have been drawn folks…

What’s next?

I will say this. For all the ups and downs of the entire Retribution saga thus far, it has been fairly entertaining. Right when it started to get stale in one way, it jumped to another. When that well dried up, it was switched up again. Now we have some names. We have them under an official WWE Raw contract. Plus, they even had a freakin’ brawl of a match! I have been saying for months now that Raw has needed SOMETHING! Raw Underground was initially thought to be the answer. Then it was ThunderDome. I happen to think Retribution is just what the doctor ordered. Not just for the fellow Raw Superstars but for us, the viewers. We need this, and I welcome it…