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Rest in Piss Was Trending on Twitter After Learning That Radio Personality Rush Limbaugh has Died

Written by Nate

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, we found out that controversial conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh has passed away after a long bout with lung cancer.

Limbaugh, while being known for his highly controversial opinions and insight towards American politics and popular culture such as LGBT, race, and current issues, was most recognized for being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year for his long career as a broadcaster in politics and on ESPN.

However, the reaction from Twitter was pretty swift from both directions. There were some that wished him to rest in peace, but there were others who were ‘celebrating’ his death.

Along with Rush’s name, ‘Rest in Piss’ was trending on Twitter after users have learned about his passing, and there were many tweets that were relishing it.

The trending words were believed to be taken down on Twitter shortly after the words were on the Trending page.

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