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Report of Washington Football’s Culture Problem is Out — Click Here to View It

It was apparent that the ‘Redskins’ name change would be old news; but the news news and rumors coming out of Washington regarding their football organization turned out to be worse than it seemed.

MySportsUpdate and Clay Travis on Twitter has tweeted out on a article by the Washington Post and there were a bunch of issues that happened within the organization.

The major issue that was mentioned was a reported 15 women accusing members of Washington’s football team of sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

It is reported that new female employees were warned ahead of time about going to certain places. Most of the places include the stairs and the entrance to the team headquarters.

The Post recalled a story of one former employee who was aware of that warning early in her career within the organization.

The people that are being accused of the behavior include a former trainer, a former executive and (now former) play-by-play announcer Larry Michael, who resigned after 16 years with the team. However, former head coach Jay Gruden were not mentioned in the post.

After this report, the team’s newest head coach, Ron Rivera, issued this statement in the article.

The team is expected to perform a review of conduct and ethics in the near future.

Hopefully all of this gets straightened out. But by seeing all the news right now, it is a firm belief that the fallout and expose from this sticky situation is far from over.

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