Report: Lions And Calvin Johnson Could Get Things Resolved Soon

The Lions and Calvin Johnson have been beefing for a while now. Since he retired, Calvin and the Lions haven’t been on good terms due to the fact the Lions will not pay Calvin his money. Things could be turning around according to Dave Birkett.

Birkett is reliable when it comes to any Lions related news. I have said multiple times, the Lions need to pay Calvin his money. The Lions owe Calvin $1.5 million, that is nothing for an NFL franchise. Especially if it’s the second-best player to ever play for the franchise. Players aren’t going to want to come to play for a franchise that doesn’t treat legends right. Sheila is turning this around and with a new staff, it looks like they can finally get this relationship right.

The Lions finally did a player right in Stafford. Now do the same for Calvin. Megatron would help the Lions rebuild and the young players, even if it’s just a small role.

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